At YBI Restoration, we identify areas where harmful mold may be growing, or could grow, causing damage to your structure.  Harmful mold can occur even in a semi-arid area such as Missoula.  Untreated mold may cause structures to weaken,  allergic reactions, and respiratory problems for humans and pets.

To stop mold from growing we find the source, extract and replace it if possible, put preventive measures in place and clean up the areas surrounding the source.  Our construction background allows us, in most cases, to remove the mold completely while ensuring your structure’s sound construction.

Once a job is completed, YBI Missoula Restoration will certify, using both air and swab methods, that the environment is once again in compliance with industry standards.

Watch this video of a typical job.  Here a hidden water leak in a pex line created a mold situation.

YBI has IRI technicians certified in Mold Restoration.

If you have a problem, YBI is here to help you 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week.  Call us now for a free estimate.

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